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It’s time we make education our top priority so our children can compete for 21st-century jobs and Iowa can be a leader in education again.


I know that for many students college is a pathway to a good-paying career. But not every student is going to college and those kids deserve the same support and attention. I will work to expand apprenticeships and vocational-technical training so everyone has a path to a good-paying job.


From my work as a special education associate in Iowa public schools, I saw how important it is for our teachers to be supported. That’s why I stand with our teachers and will stand up for their rights like collective bargaining, so we can attract the best and the brightest to our classrooms. I am committed to being the leading voice to support our teachers and make sure our students have all the resources they need.

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Every Iowa family and child should be able to afford to see a doctor when they’re sick. As a Medicaid case manager, I worked every day to ensure that Iowa families and children got they care they need to live healthy lives. I also saw first hand the disastrous impact of the privatization of Medicaid on real families.


That’s why I will stand up against anyone trying to make healthcare more expensive. I will also work hard to expand access to healthcare insurance and mental health programs so more Iowans get the care they need, including veterans, children, and working families. 


Fighting for 

Eastern Iowa Values

Some politicians go to Des Moines and its politics as usual, working for wealthy lobbyists and special interests. But that’s not what representation is about. I will fight against lobbyists and special interests who rig the system in their favor because I believe everyday Iowans should come first. The interests I will fight for are the interests of our local farmers, small businesses, and every Iowa family and child. Your voices have right to a seat at the table and I will work to make sure your voice is heard in Des Moines.

Fighting for our

Local Economy

Local businesses are at the heart of economic growth in small towns. I promise to encourage local small-business growth to create rural and small-town jobs in Clinton and Scott counties. I will continue to work with our community leaders to find new, innovative ways to make sure our small businesses grow and our communities can thrive.

Fighting for our


Our veterans have served us, and we have a duty to do right by them. I promise to fight for our veterans' rights to retirement benefits, work to expand homeownership assistance programs, and support programs that help returning veterans get what they need to live a quality life in our community.

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